Saturday, 21 February 2009

Second posting about Lil Caliph ;)

This is my second posting about The Lil Caliph online baby-mommy store ;)
The word 'Lil Caliph' itself always brings me back to the good memories when I joined their contest last year "CuteFam 2008 Contest". Even though I didn't manage to win the main prizes, but it cheered me up to win 3 daily prizes plus a consolation prize for being shortlisted as one of the semi-finalists.

This is the pic that qualified us as one of the semifinalists in Lil Caliph CuteFam 2008 Contest

The consolation prize is not that bad at all - it was a cute candy wall sticker 'Rad Racer' which is just nice for Zharfan's room deco. And Zharfan loves cars and other vehicles character sooo much...

The cars character (Rad Racer) as sticked on the wall of my Zharfan's room

Back to Lil Caliph, I'm thinking of buying from the site a pair of lil shoes which is currently on offer - the normal price is RM 89.90, but the discounted price is RM68!!! Shoes are always one of my obsession, so getting a pair for my newcoming lil baby wold be perfectly awesome!! In fact, this particular pair of Brown/Suede Numbers have always caught my attention every time I surf their website ;)
I wanna buy this..soon...;)

Now got to wait for my payday next week before I can proceed to order this cute lil shoes!! ;)

Thanks Lil Caliph for offering all those cute2 stuff for online shoppping - truly convenient for all mommies & mommies-to-be!

And not forgetting their contest which is still ongoing until the end of March 2009!! (All bloggers who joined this contest would share the same wish and hope to win definitely, including myself...Prayfully got rezeki for me and my family to win one of the prizes this time- it's soooo temptingggg!!)

Till then,
Mama Zharfan
9.45 am
home sweet home

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