Wednesday 18 February 2009

Unforgettable stay at Avillion PD (14-15 Feb 2009)

We arrived there around 3.15 pm..just nice for checking-in. But the reception area was pretty crowded as there was a wedding ceremony going on that nite ('s Valentine day) the resort was packed with the guests for that event..

We were given the water chalet number 519-Goa. We have a rest in the chalet until 5 pm, then we went out.

We took the chance to have a stroll around the resort - the nature walk is simply refreshing and serene.

Then, we headed to the famous PD pasar malam - it's quite big - my feet ached because of the long walk. We bought some food for the dinner.
We had a good nite zzzzz as we were so exhausted..after all, we slept with the natural music of the sea + waves ;)

The next morning, we had a delectable breakfast at the Village, and after that we spent the whole morning having fun at the pool (forgetting a while about my big tummy ;)
We checked out at 11 am, dropping by at the Muzium Tentera before we headed home.

Things I LOVE MOST about Avillion PD:-

1) Its water chalet definitely..

2) Its complimentary mini toiletry set 'VALOUR' which is organic and botanical - the smell is very2 natural and refreshing

3) Open roof top shower + its spacious bathroom
4) Peacocks roaming freely on the resort compound, including near the pool ;)

5) Scenic landscape (Balinese concept) & its NATURE WALK - that includes pet-farm/mini-zoo, herbs garden, orchid hut, bullock cart.

6) It's unique dustbin & water container (sort of like'tempayan') to refresh your feet

7) Yummy breakfast at the Village, which is located just next to the swimming pool

8) Slides for kids at the kids pool - Zharfan loves it very2 much ;)

Things which is slightly unpleasant there:
1) Limited car park near by, so the additional car park is located quite a distance away and across the busy main road!
2) The water chalet is located quite a distance from the reception lobby - we were struggling to find our chalet after the checking-in...

I have uploaded most of the pics taken there at picasaweb ;)
All in all, the resort are simply marvellous for both honeymooners who wanna have romantic vacation, as well as for those family with kids..

If there are opportunities in the future, YESSS..we'd love to be there again...

Till then,
Mama Zharfan
9.40 am


sya said...

kak suzi, katil dia cntik pemandangan dia..

Mama Zharfan said...

yup, katil dia memang best...pemandangan memang lawaaaa sgttt... ;)


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