Sunday 22 February 2009

Food Review : IZZI

My family and I had a chance to try the food at Izzi Restaurant last weekend. We went to the Izzi new outlet in Jusco Setiawangsa for our lunch (well, the main aim is - I wanna utilize the RM50 voucher courtesy of majalah Aniqah's subscription).

When I browsed throu the menu, I discovered that the price list for all the food are very much affordable (a lot cheaper if we compare to Secret Recipe for instance). So we won't be fully utilised the RM50 unless we ordered some food for takeaway ;)

My hubby ordered squid+prawns tomyam, plus white rice, my Zharfan ordered nasi goreng belacan, but we requested not to put belacan for him, and I myself ordered spaghetti boloignaise (my fav). I also ordered a regular size Izzi pizza for takeaway.After a while, the waiter came to our table, apparently to inform that my spaghetti is no longer available/sold out for that day...emm...I was a lil bit frustrated, so I ordered Penang fried Kueyteaw, since I dunno what to eat already...

My tasteless fried char kuew teay Penang style

We don't have to wait long before our food arrived. My hubby's + Zharfan's food taste quite ok, but unfortunately mine is tasteless...I couldn't finish it, pity me...

My Zharfan's nasi goreng belacan (without belacan ;)

The take-away pizza.. well, again, I had to re-order the big size one, as the regular size was already finished/sold out for that day???again..emm...and when I brought the pizza home for my sister, brother and nephews, they commented that the taste is just so-so - can't compare with Domino or Pizza Hut of course..

All in all, my honest review for Izzi is that - the price is very much reasonable, but the the food taste definitely needs lots of improvement !!

Till then,
Mama Zharfan
8.20 am
home sweet home

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Chef Syaiful said...

Dear Mama Zharfan,
Do hope to see you at any of the outlet either lunch or dinner .Just having a little chat as it is my mission to find out more about our great customer. Please do contact me at


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