Thursday, 5 February 2009

"Me needs a free bag from!"

Malaysian Supermummy and are currently having a very interesting contest - "Win any bag of your choice from!"...

I have delightfully surfed website and guess what I found?? bags,bags and baggggssss !!!!!!!!! All are lovely, chic, eye-catching, stylish, colourful!!!

In an exclusive interview with Tongue in Chic-TIC
, their two creative founders - Hui Woon & kok Hin revealed that the unique name - AliceWonders was chosen capture the idea of an “alternative
shopping world”. And here, the concept of Alice in Wonderland fit so perfectly. It’s about a girl trying to find her way in a crazy world (aren’t we all?); it’s an adventure; it’s unpredictable; and best of all, it has this sense of eccentricity that gives us room to offer shoppers a little mischievous humor and surprise! In a nut shell, it’s what is called “fashion shopping with a twist”.

Out of hundreds of bags that are available for sale at a great bargain, affordable price; I fell in love with a blue tote, called : Jigsaw Blue Tote!!! as shown in the pic below...

I am equally attracted to the amusing caption describing the TOTE
"I'm your missing piece..."

The Tote has features (which all of them capture my heart ;)
- Made from faux leather!
- Top zipped main compartment with 3 inner pocket!
- Additional back zipped pocket!

For me, tote bags are multi-function...depending on the occasion, I love using it as handbags or shopping bags, even as diaper/baby bag!!

AliceWonders has always come up with bags,bags and baggggssss that splash with colour, vibrate with youth and yet glitter with elegance, for all women!! - I would be very-very proud to carry around the chicest bags from the expert, plus....the envious looks from other women are priceless!!!!!

So, for all the beg lovers out there (including me myself), don't forget to check out what AliceWonders offers you...
Quoting what its founders have to say:
"New arrivals are introduced every week, as we need to be on par with the fast pace of fashion trends. When it comes to pricing, we consciously price ourselves lower than a normal retail store, as we are returning the savings from opening a physical store, back to the customers. So prices can range from RM15.90 for a cute sling bag, to above RM150 for designer quality bags."

Thanks Malaysian SuperMummy for organizing the contest, and many2 thanks to AliceWonders for being the generous sponsor!

Till then,
Mama Zharfan 10 pm
home sweet home


AyuArjuna BiGoshh said...

your choice is not luck suzie...

Mama Zharfan said...

thanks ayu! good luck to u too ..too bad only one winner kan...ada rezeki ada lah hehehhe ;)


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