Thursday 29 April 2010

April's blissful winning - me 2nd runner up in Maclaren/Avent/Parkson Contest!!!

Alhamdulillah.. me murah rezeki in April (kebetulan my bday month ) and my Ariff's bday month, and my lil nephew-Eham bday month, <<-- today is Eham bday...

Just now, my younger bro told me that we won this contest - 2 nd runner up...(i used my sis-in-law's name as proxy, as I know i won't be able to attend the prize-giving ceremony..and the best part, the prize that we won is worth RM1k in total!

o yess, i did spent RM200 ++ to buy some Avent products @ Parkson, semata2 to qualify to join this contest, and it is slogan-based!! so berbaloi lah me invest ;)

Can't wait to see how the actual prize look like -->>Avent hamper + Maclaren stroller... ;)

me smiling all day today..


me suya said...

rajin betul akak join sgt berbaloi sbb selalu jek dapat gift..hehehe mmg bertuah la orangnyer

Wanna said...

uissshh menang lagi!!
mmg bbaloi2 investment tu kak suzi!

CkYnHaShiM said...

tahniah...rezki murah lan 4 ni yerk..

Mama Zharfan said...

me_suya: :)

IbuEriem : :) tp contest2 kat msia dh tak leh join la..kena tunggu balik msia baru sambung bab2 join contest ni..

Ckyn: :) tq

AyuArjuna BiGoshh said...

bestnya mac best


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