Sunday 4 April 2010

Sleeping Cutie Contest

I'm joining the above contest, which is due on 9th April.

Here is my pic entry..

Baby's name : Ahmad Ariff Shah
DOB : 15/4/2009
Mama's email :

and here is LAGU DODOI which I specially dedicated for my lil Ariff...

Doi doi doi Ariff nak tidur...
Tidurlah kasih tidurlah sayang
Mama dodoikan lagu kasih
Pejamkan mata putera jauhari
Syair indah zikir kasih puisi mimpi
Usah gundah gulana Mama ada di sisi
Doi doi doi Ariff dah tidur...

To join this contest, click HERE!

-mama zharfan-


nur 'adli azhari said...

comey giler!! gud luck!

Mama Zharfan said...

tq for the compliment ;) and tq for visiting and dropping comment here ;)

nad said...

salam mama zharfan
mamazakwan dtg terjah :)
tq sbb join contest ni ek
n gud lux! :)


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