Sunday 18 April 2010

Me dapat CEK? Saper yang bagi plak??

guess why???
-->>>>me have just won a contest in Parenthood magazine (published by Today Publishing)..
me won 2nd prize..hohhoo

and here what me got...

me RM400 richer-->rezeki my bday month ni...Alhamdulillah

me almost forget which contest, but me quickly recalled, it was a contest sponsored by Hi 5 Bread/Silver Bird (if not mistaken, it was a slogan based, about why celebrating baby birthday is important..something like that..can't remember exactly coz it has been quite some time...and me dunno whether me save the winning slogan or buat on the spot ajer masa nak mail the contest tu..)

so besides the cheque, me also won entrance tix family package (free goodie bag, guided tour  etc) to High 5 Bread Town in Shah me wish to tak sempat rasanyer...coz the tixs expire in December2010.

Anyway, TQ Parenthood/Today Publishing.. for making my upcoming bday a sweeter one...-->>>can buy something as bday gift for my self :) but me make it a habit to save lil bit of my prize money in my boys Yippie savings account :)


emma said...


zai kulim said...

wow..bestnyer wow..besday sama dgn bby akif..akif minggu depan 25april nie..

happy besday erk..

Mama Zharfan said...

emma : -_- memang best & syukur sgt sbb i jrg menang cash :p

zai : -_- besday i 28 april, besday my lil Ariff 15 april...besday ur akif 25 april yer...happy besday in davance from aunty suzi yer ;) nanti dtg umah aunty kat msia (bt caves) aunty bg hadiah bday kat akif yg hensem tu ;)

BUNGA said...

congrats kak!! rezeki melimpah2.. syukur.. :)

Mama Zharfan said...

Bunga : tq :) and syukur sgt2 ..rezeki anak2 ni :)


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