Thursday 22 April 2010

A very special birthday wishes ...dedicated to Yuyie House & Funkylense blogowner!!!

The following entry is specially dedicated to birthday girl cum blog owner of Yuyie House & Funkylense.. Thanks a bunch for having an exciting birthday giveaway!!


Me would like to wish....

Please accept my sincere birthday prayers...

Semoga bday girl PANJANG UMUR..


and MAJU JAYA dlm e-biz!! 
--> moga terus sukses yer Yuyie House & Funky Lense

Now it's time for the bday girl to make her own bday wish!!

And please do enjoy bday cake yg sgt super spesel yummilicious ni..

and a whole table of birthday food treat!

Last but not least...let me sing you the Happy Birthday benda WAJIB for every birthday... suara tak lemak merdu nak
Terimalah lagu 'saeng il chuka hamnida' atau dlm bhs Melayu nya Selamat Hari Jadi dari kumpulan 'budak-pakai-pampers'. Owh, ni diambil dari youtube, rasa sgt cute!!! as cute as u<<-- bday girl kan... 

1 comment:

funkylens / yuyiehouse said...

thanks for the wish and entri. sweets sgt2... terharu~~ cantik!


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