Wednesday 14 April 2010

Zhaneez Craft 1st Anniversary Giveaway

I'm joining the above Giveaway (category No 4), which is due on 24 April.

Special bday wishes to Zhaneez Craft..

Happy 1st Birthday Zhaneez Craft

the simple yet cool layout,
the witty lines and whatnot;
the fantabulous craft buzz,
the lovely stuff  absolute musts;
the first and even not many of its kind,
the very cool kind;
here's to your rising fame,
being supercrafter all the same;
kudos to turning one,
and many more to come!

Some suggestion to improve -- expand the range of crafts, make lots of sale promo, joint-venture with famous bloggers to sponsor contest, and perhaps adding more colours to the site layout :)
To join this Giveaway, click HERE!

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