Friday 16 April 2010

Lucky Friday...-->>me won a dvd Fast & Furious 4 :)

Me is happy coz me turn out to be one of the 2 lucky winner for the contest Avatar & Fast & Furious 4..out of 40 contestants :) <<--me had tough luck in lucky draw type of contest, so winning one is indeed fantastic!!

The result is availabe HERE!

Tq Mr Yus @ Fatsblox's blog for organizing the contest & choosing me as the winner!!


Note : My sis told me that me also won a contest in Parenthood, worth to wait for the prize which will be couried next so excited & eager to receive the prize!!!

Feeling blessed,


zai kulim said...

tahniah..tahniah rezeki tuu

BUNGA said...

congrats kak!!! wah seronoknya.. :)

Mama Zharfan said...

zai : tq :)

Bunga : tq :)


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