Tuesday 13 April 2010

My first ever 'studded belt'

I bought this thing from Very.co.uk...actually i ordered it quite some time ago, together with a floral dress (that I intend to wear on my birthday end of this month)..so couple of days ago, the STUDDED BELT was finally delivered to me after they restock the items<<--laku lah studded belt ni sampai habis stock..

and i found it's pretty nice and unique - can wear with any dress that does not have 'tali pengikat' or the dress which is kind of 'kembang2', so that I won't look like I'm kind of preggy (not in the near future..)

so i try the belt on one my my pink kembang2 dress...and it looks like this..

hubby made a funny remark. saying that i look odd wearing this belt...but bila hati sudah suka, tak kisahlah apa org nak kata :p

nilah pic very.co.uk model wearing the dress that i bought..and she's wearing the studded belt :)


BUNGA said...

wow.. gorjes!!
p/s: biarkan saja apa mereka kata..hahha..

me suya said...

okew jek kak..shanteq.. bolew lawak gaya ng dress

isabelle said...

what a gorgeous belt!
pakai jer.. bila lagi nak melaram kan?

Hanz Jamaludin said...

the studded belt is gorgeous! but, suzie..think something is missing...perhaps matching handbag / shoes / accessories....hemmm...do take up full-length pic of urs, baru leh nampaklah gaya model u. :)

AyuArjuna BiGoshh said...

jarang nampak belt cam tu kat sini...berkenan..berkenan..:)

Mama Zharfan said...

me suya : tq ;)

isabelle : tq..mesti pakai punyer ;)

Hanz : will do..i memang suka pose :p (tgh nak beli handbag baru ni...)

Ayu : berkenan ker..memang uniq pun mcm jrg2 nampak org pakai kat msia :p

missrivebell mumun said...



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