Thursday 10 March 2016

let's do something fun

sambil bagi lecture (law subjects), MZ suka selit2 bab2 english encourage my students to improve their basic grammar..kat UIA memang all lectures in full english (unless subject yg shariah course, taught in arabic language)

ari tu ada come across one link..ada grammar exercise to do..yayy..dh print siap2..print sikit2 dulu..sbb total ada 600+ pages tu...
nak suruh my zharfan buat sambil ajar him about english grammar

ni linknya : LINK

MZ try gak buat yg 1st exercise tu..setiap set ada 25 questions..guess what!! i didn't get 25/25 pun hahahah dpt 22 jer :p sbb some questions tu..we get used to some error usage of daily english to polish more ni..

pic selingan -  my kids' fun time

1 comment:

CaDLyNN said...

tq 4 the link..

kene polish diri sendiri b4 ajar anak nnti.


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