Tuesday 5 October 2010

1st Giveaway by Petals Patch

me joining the above GA, due 5th oct

details click HERE!

I fall in love --love at 1st sight--with Petals Patch simply becoz...

variety of handmade crafts so inviting,
generous giveaway super exciting,
creative, hard-working mommy "unmebecomeus" -- that inspire,
cutest bunny bag, table runner, all kinds of pouch I desire,
dedicated working mom cum part-time lecturer I really admire!

Little Bunny Mini Tote Bag that make me drool
Heavy Green Flex Pouch is equally cool
party bear diapers beg perfect for my baby's stuff--always my dear
me winning the mystery gift??..hoorayy!!--me smiling ear to ear for sure!

To Mama Nuriel many2 thanks for the giveaway
May you have a lovely cheerful day all the way
Your two little princesses--Izzah & Nuriel-- they are both so sweet
Happy 5th birthday to your lil Nuriel I'm sure she'd have the best bday treat!


♥ ♥ said...

good luck sis=)

Anonymous said...

ni lom join lg
nanti nk join gak hehe
good luck

♫::: m[e]n!t! s[e]nja :::♫ said...

gd luck akak....

Tutup Blog said...

gud luck=) nak join gak ar...

tiefazatie said...

wah..sis..nie marathon join ga ek??hihi..all da best!

Fieda said...

saya jenguk ya....:)

Unknown said...

salam kak,

tahniah dpt 1st prize yer :)


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