Sunday 9 November 2014

Terasa nak melelong | Legoland Tickets

saper2 berminat cepat2 wasup/sms me ok (012-9741376)...ada 4 pieces ajer pun ni..

4 pieces of  tickets - Legoland Malaysia - 4 adults
valid until 28 February 2015
these tickets are Theme Park Tickets ie you can enter Theme Park only 
retail price for each  ticket : RM120
total price : RM480
my selling price for all 4 tickets : RM360(you save RM120!)
delivery via pos express
first come first serve 
fast payment required


AJ said...

Aiseh,tahun ni nak ke year baru nak pi ke legoland balik..

wan syamilah said...

ala..plan nk pi sana on july 2015...lama lg tu...tunggu baby dah blh jln...baru best...


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