Saturday, 15 May 2010

Contest Anak Makan Sayur

I'm joining the above contest, which is due tomorrow (16 may)..

here is my pic entry..

Baby's name : Ahmad Ariff Shah
Age : 1 year old 1 month (DOB 15/4/2009)
Fav vege : cucumber
Mommy's name : Suzi
Saper suka mkn vege kat umah : 
mama, papa and his elder bro Zharfan, semua suka vege like cucumber, salad, tauge, kcg panjang, baby corn (putik jagung), broccoli & caulifllower...

to join, click HERE!


Unknown said...

i like this picture, seriously.. kalau i jadi organiser sure i kasik u menang :p

BUNGA said...

bagusnya ariff nk mkn sayur...btw.. muka ariff nmpk mcm matured sgt dlm gmbr ni.. haritu jmpa mcm msh muka baby lg.... :)

Mama Zharfan said...

Em's family : tq tq ;)

Bunga : ada pic nampak matured, ada pic nampak bb ;)

mamamuhammad said...

thank join..!!


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