Sunday 11 July 2010

Another winning (3rd winning actually for today) - me won 1st prize Rumahku Syurgaku Contest

Alhamdulillah, a blissful Sunday...3rd winning for today...
me won 1st prize Rumahku Syurgaku Contest :)

result is available HERE!

thanks to Hana for organizing the contest and for choosing my family pic as the winner :)- tu pic yg paling me framekan + letak atas meja kat living room..(and dh few times jugak ong pic ni menang contest ;)

credit to Deep Blue Lense my all-time-fav photographer for capturing my family sweetest moments!!(DBL is pro photographer with the package of the cheapest in town i would say!!!) me suka tgk my kids pics as one of the pics featured on their blog :p ;)

and of course congrats to all other winners too :)

can't wait to receive the prize ..(tudung + brooch ;)

feeling blessed,


AyuArjuna BiGoshh said...

i like this nice..gratias

mamaarifakeemaisy said...

congrate!! so sweet this piccas..sukee ^_^

Wonderful Life with Mary Kay said...

Tahniah! best byk menang contest. Nice pic..

Lady of Leisure said...

i suka jugak pic ni... really menampakkan one happy family..

Ibu Aqmar said...

sedondon semua..merahnye mak ngah..hehe :P


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