Friday 23 July 2010

Cookies from MamakuQis - crispiest ever!!

me won conso prize in MamakuQis Big Giveaway (2nd round)...the prize is a box of lah hadiahnye...

tasting and testimony is done by my beloved sis...and this is what she said to me
"best nye cookies ni...rasa sebijik mcm famos amos..sgt rangup dan sedap...ishs ish...dh nak abis sekotak ni hanim mkn sorang2 sambil surf internet harga yer? nak orderlah!!"

then me ckp..boleh jer nak order sbb me ada few discount voucher (RM5 off) also won from MamakuQis GA :)

wah..terliur...drooling me dgr psl cookies tu...lps ni tak pyh beli famos amos dah...dh ada yg setanding rasa and lovely packaging too..100% halal and hasil usaha bumiputra lagi tu :) Insya Allah, me plan nak order few boxes utk hari raya...awesome!!
pic from mamakuQis FB

to hana @ MamakuQis...keep up the good ie yummiest work...and all the best in ur biz!
many2 thanks for the GA (me suka baca ur blog, esp entries on travel ;)

o all blogger frens, feel free to join the on-going GA by mamakuQis!!! now dh 4th round..and final round next week - GP braun buffel tu!!!

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