Tuesday 13 July 2010

When father is SUING is own son...kes kat Msia dh jd mcm kes kat US plak dah...

emm..i guess that's the price we have to pay for moving towards a developing nation..is that so?

being somebody who is trained in law...so the news that me just read on thestaronline really caught my attention..

bapak sue ie DAKWA anak sendiri in court..and it is happening in Msia!!!

feel free to read what i copy paste from the original LINK here...

my comments : no comment...legally memang that father has the legal right to sue pun...cuma...rasa mcm sayu jugak kan...kalau pikir2 balik..mesti masa kecik2 that father jaga his own son dgn penuh kasih syg, peluk cium...and then bila dh besar, that son mcm lupa tanggungjwb...and the father has no other option but to sue his beloved son  :( :(
"Father seeking child support from own son

KUALA TERENGGANU: The Lower Syariah Court here Tuesday fixed Aug 24 to mention a case of a man who is seeking RM20,000 in maintenance for child support of his two grandchildren from his own son.

Mustafa Ismail, 54, from Kampung Beladau Kolam, Manir, is also seeking for his son, Nasrum Mustafa, to pay RM800 a month for maintenance of the two children.

He wants the payment to be made through salary deductions and to be deposited into the bank accounts of the two children.

Mustafa, who is represented by lawyer, Fazru Anuar Yusof, claimed that Nasrun was an operations manager of a oil exploration company in Kuala Lumpur with a monthly earning of almost RM17,000.

He also claimed that Nasrum had not returned to the family home to meet his family, including his two children - a 15-year-old son and a 13-year-old daughter - since seven years.

Judge Kamarul Azmi Ismail, who set the date, also ordered Nasrum to be present in court on that day.

He also expressed hope that the case be settled amicably out of court to avoid causing embarrassment to any parties.
"Such a case is the second in the country and of course it will get media attention and published on the front-page of the newspapers. This should not happen between son and father.

"A child should be responsible for his parents and this is an embarrassing issue. The first case happened in Seremban involving a lecturer," he added.

Fazru Anuar told reporters outside the court that his client had been taking care of the two children for seven years after their parents divorced on Dec 30, 1998. Bernama"


Liza said...

i read this news too, i think the dad's patience must have been worn out, after 7 years then only he took action. And the son was quoted earning RM17k!!!

Mrs. Simplicity said...

baru tgk kat buletin utama. tgk lepas tu geleng kepala. macam2 lah.

mama_umar_maryam said...

aah,td kuar kt tv3..hmm..dahla mase kecik2 bapak jage, dah beso bsoh jage cucu plak,adehhh

Lady of Leisure said...

wah siap saman menyaman dikalangan anak berana.. moga Allah permudahkan urusan mereka..


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