Wednesday 7 July 2010

I Love U Contest

I the title of the contest, hence here I am... joining I Love U Contest now...who knows I might be the lucky one :) :)

I Love U Contest is specially brought by Little Mama's Love and Little Kid's Photography...contest runs till 15th July.

      -->>Answer : HAPPY MOMENTS
     -->>Answer : Minnie Mouse Romper (priced at RM25.00)

what's interesting about Little Mama's LOVE?

i'm one of avid online shopper...and as a matter of fact, there are thousands of e-shoppe and online boutiques selling kids first click to Little Mama's LOVE made me hooked there for hours and's truly LOVE at first sight!!

why is that so??

I LOVE and truly admire the unique feature of Little Mama's LOVE -  that all baby clothings sold there are exclusively handmade, and made with  LOVE of course, that goes without saying!!

I LOVE seeing the cute lil model there...none other than lil Izzah...I wish I have a girl, as adorable as lil Izzah the cutie pie model of Little Mama's LOVE...

I LOVE the fact that the price of the kids clothing at Little Mama's LOVE are all affordable (I don't wanna use the term 'cheap'), but seriously, the the price is very2 much REASONABLE!!! the dress below is only priced at RM36.00!!!!

seeing is are some of the apparels that really caught my attention and made me deeply in LOVE now..(and me bookmarked some for my future purchase as gift for frens :p)

but of course there are stuff for boys too..
here are some of them...

I LOVE the fact that the clothing are so unique and outstanding..there's nothing more gorgeous that putting on these 'limited edition' outfit to my lil ones!!

I LOVE the fact that ..actually it is the plus factor and bonus parts..that some items are made from designer these super cute aprons in vivacious colours!!!

To know is to LOVE...just hop to Little Mama's LOVE to get something unique, made with LOVE for ur beLOVEd lil ones, and the online shopping experience is assured full with LOVE!!!

What’s interesting about Little Kids Photography?

I firmly believe that passion would be translated into high quality pics..full with LOVE..

I admire the dedication and LOVE of Little Mama in photography, of how she manipulating her talents,LOVE and obsession in such creative ways..

I LOVE these quotes (taken from Little Kids Photography site)

"I LOVE taking kids photography so much. Especially, if the pictures turn out really crisp and lovely.."
"Watching my baby every move, expression and her miraculaous achievements made each day is awe-inspiring..."
"Every picture has a story. So, let the picture illustrate the magic stories to the world. After a year of learning, studying and experimenting, I’m now ready to take my kids photography knowledge to another level. It’s time for me to use my talents to freeze the magic moments of your little ones, and treasure it forever..."

I LOVE the affordable price of each kids photography packages, which cost RM297 per exclusive session

I LOVE the extensive package options

and I do believe that being a mommy cum photographer like Little Mama, she is definitely an expert in dealing with kids and knows all the technique and hidden secrets in capturing those magical moments!!

I have done ALL OPTIONAL things to secure EXTRA MARKS

1.   OPTIONAL – Follow Little Mama’s LOVE Baby Boutique with Google Friends Connect-->>DONE (ID : Mama Zharfan)
2.   OPTIONALCreate an account/register with Little Mama’s LOVE-->DONE (first name : Suzi Fadhilah, email :
3.   OPTIONAL – Join Little Mama’s LOVE Mailing List (simple, enter email only – see Mailing List box on left sidebar) -->>DONE (email :
4.   OPTIONAL – Follow Little Kids Photography with Google Friends Connect-->>DONE (ID : Mama Zharfan)
5.   OPTIONAL – Like Little Kids Photography on Facebook-->>DONE (ID : Suzi Fadhilah)
6.   OPTIONAL – Follow Malaysia Online Shopping Guide with Google Friends Connect-->>DONE (ID : Mama Zharfan)
7.   OPTIONAL – Like Malaysia Online Shopping Guide on Facebook-->>DONE (ID : Suzi Fadhilah)
8.   OPTIONAL – Follow Little Mama’s Diary with Google Friends Connect-->>DONE long time ago (ID : Mama Zharfan)
9.   OPTIONAL – Follow Mom Bloggers Planet with Google Friends Connect-->>DONE long time ago(ID : Mama Zharfan)

me signing off with LOVE,

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