Tuesday 6 July 2010

Countdown - 10 days to 6th..

10 days more to go..before me celebrate my 6th wedding anniversary..

No words can describe how grateful and lucky I am to have such a soulmate who is supportive, who is always by my side, who is always willing to listen to my happy stories, grievances, problems, who is sharing the joy seeing our 2 lil heroes growing up...
Alhamdulillah, and million of thanks to Mr Hubby dearie...can't imagine my life without u and our 2 kids :)

And it has been 6 months -->> 6 happy months indeed...since we arrived here in UK...life is good (although got up and down.. that's inevitable)...

And ....our 6th wedding anniversary celebration this year is gonna be super special.....PARIS here we come (if everything goes well as planned Insya Allah :)

Feeling blessed...


tiefazatie said...

bestnye...moga bahagia selalu ye sis..=)

Oyis said...

wah best nya u got things planned for ur anniversary. jeles2! tp ini lah masa nya nak enjoy the summer, so apa lg, amik la peluang ni secukupnya.

btw, mamazharfan baru 6 bulan ye di UK? ingatkan dah thrid year plus / nak extend sbb ari tu ckp nak renew visa hehhe. in tht case, harus la enjoy ur 1st summer here secukupnya, before gloomy winter comes again. have a splendid celebration!


syok nak g jugakkkkkkk
bilalah ada peluang tue
macam takde peluang jeeeeeee

Mama Zharfan said...

@tiefazatie : tq for the doa :) really appreciate that :)

@Oyis : i dh reply panjang lebar kat comment section kat ur blog :) i dgn family 2nd time kat sini..dulu 1st time dtg thn 2007, me dtg alone...dulu dtg sepanjang winter ajer :p

@Mama Amana : Insya Allah, ada tu peluang nanti :) Air Asia kan ada..everyone can fly (mcm ikln plak) :p


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