Saturday 17 July 2010

giveaway03 : mamakuQis BIG giveaway - why women L.O.V.E perfume?

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giveaway03 : mamakuQis BIG giveaway - 
why women L.O.V.E perfume?

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What is a perfume??
Perfume is a mixture of fragrant essential oils and aroma compounds, fixatives, and solvents used to give the human body, animals, objects, and living spaces a pleasant scent (source : wikipedia)

Who are women then??
Those adult female human being, and definitely women are not men :p (note : the author of this entry is also a woman :p)

So why on earth women L.O.V.E perfume?
well well well..there's no one simple answer to this fact, I could write a whole thesis on this topic alone hahahahah tak abis2 me dgn thesis

being a woman myself, from my own perspective, experience, feeling and observation, women L.O.V.E perfume due to the following reasons...all the points below are solely my idea... penat ni me pikir wooo

Perfume can give u confidence...wangi memanjang kan....confident jer nak buat keje, nak jumpa client, nak gi ngajar, nak bagi lecture, nak attend meeting...even nak masak2 kat dapur pun ;) o yess...confidence in the bedroom as well (penting jugak kan..for married couple!!)

Perfume can hide ur body odour ( i believe most human beings have their own body odour) no wonderlah some women tu kdg2 bila spray perfume tu gaya mcm mandi perfume hehehe me pun kdg2 ada gak mood mandi perfume ni..

Perfume can make u feel s.e.x.y!! wow! for yourself and your beloved spouse...that one goes without saying..[note : it's scientifically proven that certain perfume can 'turn him on'..opss..]

Perfume makes u feel good, feel feminine...which is parallel to feeling of pretty, beautiful and wangi dan cantik!!

Perfume is a symbol of love when it is presented as a gift - masa bercinta, masa wedding, even lepas kawin pun, perfume is great as bday presents, anniversay gifts...kiranya tak lapuk dek zmn lah...

Perfume can serve as deco2 on women's dressing table...sbb byk sgt botol2 perfume yg masa bujang2 memang hobi kumpul botol2 perfume ie lps habis bila dh kawin, tak collect dh, but still me suka deco2 my meja solek dgn my fav perfume...

Talking of my fav brand of perfume...let me present to you......
my perfume-lovey-dovey story...

happy reading!!

" was a windy summer day today....and while jotting down this entry on why women L.O.V.E perfume, I spent few moments looking back and thought about my perfumes and the scents I’ve favoured over the years...

Indeed, a beautiful perfume can evoke a lot of emotions, for the longest time I wore Guerlain Champs Elysses – my colleagues in the office where I formerly worked would never failed to give me a compliment and told me I smelt beautiful so of course me rasa kembang2 jer kena puji kan :p...anyway...the perfume was a gift from a 'good friend' - that's a story in the past anyway..

I love smellling nice (who doesn't anyway..)...and then, my fav perfume changes to CK Contradiction - and it was part of wedding gift (hantaran) from my beloved hubby..well, me requested him to buy this specific brand for hantaran lor..

living together now, then only I realized that hubby doesn't really love strong perfume..and for him even CK is considered strong I just wear it when I go to work...

but at home, I got to go for an alternative -  a perfume with a sweet, light scent...

I was away from hubby for 6 months for studying purpose in UK (that was in Sept 2007-March 2008 precisely), when I stumbled upon this Crabtree & Evelyn rose was a love at first sight (love at first scent to be exact)!!

for I simply love its sweet rosy scent, the pink roses pics on its box (well...I place the box as deco at my dressing table!!!), and the rose element as well!!! perfect!!!...light, sweet yet perfectly 'hot' for me and hubby ;) and I  can simply wear it anytime of the day :)

definitely it is a real divergence from the other two, heavy scents but defiantly still alluring I believe :p ....and the best part, hubby easily associated that rosy scent with me :)

That's the end of my lovey=dovey perfume story :) tq for reading :)

So back to the question..why women L.O.V.E perfume?
sila refer jwpn panjang lebar kat atas ngeh ngeh ngeh...

and now me tgh berangan2 nak menang perfume ni...

One Drop Perfumes Celebrities Special for woman
8 small bottles inside
inspired by international designers' perfumes

tq hana@mamakuQis for organizing and generously sponsoring the GA!!!

me a woman, a perfume lover,


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gud luck mama zharfan

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