Sunday 11 July 2010

Rezeki Ahad - me won two GA >>> My cute cloth diaper contest & Ayu Idris Bday GA won again..murah rezeki me bln July ni (rezeki nak celebrate wedding anniversary kot :p)

my entry was selected as one of the two conso winners for My Cute Cloth Diapers Contest :) ni 1st time me menang CD for my lil Ariff ..all the other 11 CD semuanya me the 12th CD dpt free :) best best

contest result is available HERE!

tq so much to Nik Nadim sbb her hubby sudi pilih my entry pic as one of the conso winners>>> tak sia2 me simpan CD dlm kotak english style design tu :)

2nd winning for today...hoorayy...
after quite a waiting...the result was finally out...and me won the best entry for Ayu Bday GA...Alhamdulillah...tak sia2 tunggu result kuar hehehe

actually, me stand a better chance and better luck in creative entry type blog contest ni... many2 time lose out to Nida (for this Ayu Idris GA she won best entry for category terima kasih Cikgu..congrats yer Nida :)) coz Nida has the advantage of writing her own pantun puisi gurindam plak less talented bab pantun2 ni :) and me suka tgk Nida pandai & sporting selamba pose lucu2 kreatif utk pic based contest, me plak yilek la kalau pose2 lucu, sbb me mesti control ayu kalau pose, tak dapek nak nulun :p

o yeah, result contest is available HERE!


Unknown said...

waow!Rezeki..!Tahniahh =)

Wan Anie said...

rezeki tu... congrats!

AyuArjuna BiGoshh said...

grats suzz...streak winnings!

Ibu Aqmar said...

wah..tahniah3..banyaknye menang contest..berbaloi2...:P

eima said...

tahniah ... asek menang je ..besh tul .. murah rezki .... alhamdulillah


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