Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Why I love studying here ...@University of Nottingham

Since my first two degrees are from local univ, so I appreciate my opportunity of studying abroad...
I have been wishing to further studies overseas since after I got my SPM result, but due to some personal reasons, I put it off ..

and now, here I am, in UK, struggling with my phD..
so what's so great about University of Nottingham (UON)?

this entry is solely based on my own observation, perception & experience..

  • I love UON because of its scenic, lovely, breathtaking, green scenary and the 4 seasons..

  • I'm proud to see or current PM pic featured on the wall at the admin building (Portland) as one of successful alumni

  • I love the gigantic libarary...and I can easily make inter-library loan - all FOC (already part of students' benefit)

  • I love to do colour printing at the very minimal cost, and there's certain free printing allowance allocated automatically for all students each semester
  • I love to board the FREE hopper bus from Jubilee Campus (near my rented house) to the main campus (University Park)'s just 10 min ride :)
  • I love to see many international students..other than European (mat +mek salleh), there are quite a big number of Chinese (from China, as UON has a campus in China, just like what we have in Msia)..and I do sometimes stumble upon some Malaysian, esp undergrad students
  • I love to use the unlimited printing services (black &white) provided for postgraduate students
  • I love to perform my prayers at prayer room (Surau) allocated for muslim students at the Portland Building - must know and key in access door code to enter the room
  • I love the fact that I can wear anything that I like..anything means jeans , t-shirt, blouse, dress code at all here :p
  • and last but not least, I love seeing the apple tree near my school...this morning apple mission story in my next entry...:p :p


BUNGA said...

adakah buah epal itu sudah berada didlm perutmu wahai mama zharfan? hehehhe

*∽ IZAN ∽* said...

POkok apple tu part yg paling besttt.. mesti ada 'mission' kerjakan pokok & buah apple tuhh kan..? he he. besttt tu..segar dari pokok!!!!

somemore, I like part printing service tu.... siap ada peruntukan lagik! hu hu

mama affan said...

hehe..x lupa kat pokok epal fav dia..huhu..

Rizziela said...

Saya x dapat merasa nak g Obersea pun lagi

kinna said...

UON ni antara yg sy rs femes gak la selain oxford ngn dak? i wish i can join u one day tp master pon tadak lg..huhu

Mrs. Simplicity said...

harap 1 day dapat saya firther study abroad jugak. amin.... seems that nottingham Uni way way better than local la. ;)

Unknown said...

bestnya ada printing service tu..
kalo kat sini murah,.. dah berlambak dah album anak2..

AyuArjuna BiGoshh said...

bestnya suzz....nak lah pegi UON!!
kawi dan madihah dah balik sana ke???

isabelle said...

buah epal tu yg paling best rasanya.
xde org panjat curik ke?

eima said...

besh nye ..
cam nk apply keja kat obersi je ...
tang pokok epal tuh besh ...

bersih je .... cantek ...

eima said...

lupa plak i tag u ...

Mama Zharfan said...

@Bunga : tepat sungguh tekaanmu itu :p

@Izan : buah epal tu dh 'selamat' :p yup, me pun suka printing servic suka-suki jer print mcm2 hehhe

@fikaryna : eh, memang me suka tgk pokok epal ni setiap kali me dtg skool :)

@Rizziela : Insya Allah, one sweet day nanti sampai lah...Air Asia kan ada heeh

@kinna : kat UK, UON ni antara top 10 ranking :)

@alyyani : Insya Allah...take the opportunity to study here..better than local..emm..could be right in some aspects i guess

@Ayu : jom ayu buat phd kat cni...yup yup Qawy & Madihah ada kast sini :) dkat jer dgn rumah i dia sewa umah, kalau jln kaki 10 min sampai le umh dia

@belle : epal tu org buat dunno ajer.. :P nasib baik ada org syg kt pkok tu ie me lah tu :p

@eima : best actually keje obersi...kalau dpt peluang, mesti grab the chance!! u tag i ker...rasa mcm dh join lah GA tu...nanti i check balik yer..anyway, tq :)


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