Friday 2 July 2010

Comping talk : Coming up with a creative, outstanding blog entry is not an ABC job

Just wanna share the blog entry that has been selected as one of the main prize winners for Pizza Hut Big Fish Moment contest (i got the link from Pizza Hut FB)

yep..the entry deserves the winning...RM2K shopping spree tu -that's a lot!!

my comment+observation:

creative idea, creative doodle, creative entry, and CREATIVE video..and i believe not everyone or not many bloggers have these video-making skills (let alone doodle skills)...*sigh..

memang sgt2 stiff la competition kalau based on creative blog posting nowadays...latest contest Nuffnang my water moments tu...semua org pun nak menang camera yg cool tu kan RM 1.5k tu..but knowing my capabilities and tak join this one..

and me did go thru some of the entries submitted like the one by little mama (kak ros), by joegrimjoe, by devi, by mira Em's family...tu some yg i rasa stand a good chance to win..

i memang join contest based on instinct jugak..kalau awal2 rasa dh tak de chance menang, better not kan..

coming back to the pizza hut winning entry tu...emm..pity me...without those doodle +videomaking skills...kalau bagi masa setahun pun me takkan mampu buat punya, unless me pegi join mana2 class IT/computer graphic etc...:p

anyway, my posting ni  just to boost confidence among my comper blogger frens, and may be to shed up some lights and ideas of what is blog creativity about..

note : me impressed dgn nida, sbb i rasa dia yg paling byk menang blog contests...she's got skills in poem puisi gurindam syair, and pics pun! those yg have free time boleh drop by tgk contest entries kat her blog...all lenghty and creative ones, which requires time & effort to come out with such thingy!! all the best pal!


azura samsuddin said...

zura pun impress ngan suziey sbb byk jugak menang contest, sama2 hebat ngan yg lain..

Wansteddy Tales said...

xsemua juri sukakan entry contest base on design cantik2. lain org lain citarasa. wan dah belajarnya akhir2 ni huhu...

tp mama zharfan mmg antara sumber inspirasi saya join contest le hehe...

tiefazatie said...

btol2..ifa sokong..kak nida memang best..kalau tgk entry3 kontest mmg dasat la..mama zharfan pun apa kurangnya..hebat gak..ifa je nie baru nak berjinak2..hihi


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