Thursday 1 July 2010

Scrap & Crap Giveaway

this is my last minute entry for the above GA...
i stumbled upon this GA when I was doing my usual blogwalking...
these are the prizes to be won by winners..

honestly, I truly love scrap booking!! BUT....i don't have the creative thingy skills (and lack of patience too...)

Fancy something creative, unique for u or ur dear?
Scrapbooking is a lovely option, that's for sure...
U are not creative enough? fret not..but just enjoy ur day..
coz Scrap & Crap can do it for u, just a few clicks away!!

wow...lots of choices..i'm truly amazed,
just surf and choose which one now to purchase?
all scrapbooking stuff there are nice,  indeed sweet,

for birthday, graduation or wedding , that’s a real treat!
Finding a perfect scrapbooking gift now should not be hard -no need for a mall!,
Scrap & Crap has it all!!!!

before I end my short posting,
Scrap & Crap is having a Giveaway now- extremely interesting!!
Friends and bloggers, what are u all waiting?
Click HERE if u dream of winning ;) 
I fell in love with Scrap & Crap the moment I saw it <<--Love at first sight!!!

To know is to love..
I do love Scrap & Crap…simply because…

the simple cool layout,
the creative scrapbooking stuff and whatnot;
the fantabulous scrapbooking buzz,
the coolest items and absolute musts;
the first of its kind,
the very cool kind;
a bunch of thanks to Farah Yasmin for generously having the giveaway
may u have a prosperous biz all the way!!

although last minute entry
i still wanna tag:

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