Monday 6 February 2012

Betul ker pakai IMPLANON boleh menyebabkan breast cancer? | that sounds scary...

ada somebody komen kat entry yg me tulis psl implanon..

ni komennya a.k.a pertanyaan..

so me pun telah membuat research via google...
so hasil pembacaan me...tak de conclusive report, proof or finding psl implanon and breast cancer..

ni antara info yg me HERE

Are there any other risks with Implanon?

The most common side effects with Implanon are acne, headaches, weight gain, breast tenderness, and irregular bleeding from your vagina.

As with other hormonal contraceptives, there’s the possibility of an increased risk of breast cancer with Implanon. However, the research on this isn’t conclusive. It may be that women using hormonal contraceptives see their doctors more often, so they are more likely to be diagnosed with and treated for breast cancer.

note : me plan nak remove implanon lps balik dari umrah..Insya Allah...anyway, implanon kat tgn me ni akan expired in jan 2013 

my implanon record card

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Ezna Khalili said...

me ngeri pasal implanon ni so dulu dulu me makan pil perancang Noriday je.


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