Thursday 30 August 2012

Precious Moments with Trudy & Teddy


Although Hari Raya celebration is already over,
Mama still wanna  buy some new outfits for lil Ariff - my darling dear,
Trudy & Teddy for him to attend some hari raya open house- why not? well, Papa said…that's for sure!  

Shirts, pants, overall, or cute tee - simply perfect for our lil Ariff's dressing
Lots of choices... lots of dazzling things
The tee in pastel green… oh Mama is amazed,
and it comes with the super cute white neck tie--yayy let's now purchase!!

Simply precious gift of love, our baby will ever need,
The apparel collection are all cool, classic yet sweet,
A lovely new tee for my lil Ariff's mini wardrobe, that’s a real treat!

A shelf full of versatile clothing for our lil Ariff.. Papa wanna give,
So that our lil prince won’t run out of cool clothes, as long as he shall live ;)
Filling the shelf should not be hard -no need for a mall!,
Trudy & Teddy has it all!!!!

My most precious moments with my baby is every single moment I spent with him, 

watching him growing up in front of my eyes, 
watching his laughter and joy, 
sharing our world of happiness together, 
running in the park, 
lazying on the green green grass while seeing him giving his cheeky pose in green Truddy & Teddy tee--
it's all priceless, 
it means the whole world to me..
to live without my baby would be meaningless, 
and going out without Truddy & Teddy apparels would be incomplete and something amiss from our colourful world :) 

the above entry is meant for Precious Moments with Trudy & Teddy Contest - by Nuffnang and cool prizes sponsored by Trudy & Teddy
contest runs till 2nd Sept 2012.


Chekgu Azrine said...

good luck then!!

AyuArjuna BiGoshh said...

nice posting, mine dalam draft dah dekat 3 minggu dah, hehehehehe


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