Thursday 17 January 2013

Menang 3d2n cuti2 Msia

syukur 2nd winning cuti2 msia utk thn ni :)
me menang 2nd prize contest dpt hadiah cuti2 Genting Highlands :)--kebetulan dh lama me tak gi GH ni ie sejak balik msia (apr 2011)..

ni link RESULT CONTEST--me copy paste ajer ni

Winners of TYT “Because You Like Us Contest”!

To all fans,
The final Winners have been named!
They have been chosen after detailed evaluation of the choice of words used for the open question and, the creativity of the Submission of the form.
All winners please expect an email from us, as we will make the final confirmations with you once again before sending the prizes.
Thank You and Congratulations!
Hong Yang Hoo TYT Sdn Bhd

Hadiah Pertama / First Prize

2 pakej FREE+EASY, 3H2M Penginapan untuk 1 pasangan di Bandung, Indonesia 2 pakages of FREE+EASY, 3D2N stay for 1 couple in Bandung, Indonesia
First Prize Winners

Name Last 4 Digit of IC State
1 Wan Hairulshifah Binti Wan Zaihari 5182 Putra Jaya
2 Rapiah Binti Nawi 5972 Perak

Hadiah Kedua / Second Prize

3 pakej 3H2M Penginapan untuk 1 pasangan + Tiket Taman Tema in Genting Highland 3 pakages of 3D2N stay for 1 couple + Theme Park Ticket in Genting Highland
Second Prize Winners

Name Last 4 Digit of IC State
1 Suzi Fadhilah Ismail 5194 Selangor
2 Maznah Binti Saparin 5580 Johor
3 Khairi Sabirin B. Hood 5389 Negeri Sembilan


juelee said...

tahniah mz and famili

mama tisya said... p cuti2 genting..kita pn lama tk pegi

Anonymous said...



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