Monday 2 April 2012

Wpun Malaysia negara 19 paling selamt di dunia | KISAH BENAR kejadian ngeri @restoran near MRRII

i dpt forwarded email dari adik i yg keje kat petronas staff petronas telah menjadi mangsa...silalah baca agar kita semua dpt me copy paste...

Incident that happened to one of petronas staff.

Dear colleagues,

We wish to alert every staff on the personal safety as a precaution especially around parking and public area.  
En. R** had been robbed and threatened last week on 13th March 2012, around 11:30PM at a restaurant along the MRR II highway (somewhere near to Zoo Negara). He was seated alone somewhere at the compound area outside of the restaurant while working on his laptop, his family members were inside the restaurant. While focusing on his laptop, he was confronted by 3 men and two of them were wielding knives. The knives were pointed at him by those two men, on his neck and back before he was pulled to his car which was parked about 8 metres away from where the incident occurred. 

They took his car key, and pushed him to the back seat.  En. R** was flanked by the two men with knives still pointed to his neck and back. The other man went to the driver’s seat and attempted to start the car but failed.  En. R** then was forced to start the car and he lean forward to do so to avoid any attack from the robbers.  Somehow, he accidentally pressed the honk and the robbers verbally threatened to stab him if he presses the honk again or if he attempted to escape.  

On his third attempt, he jumped over the driver, escaped and ran towards the restaurant.  His shirt was torned during the escape and he sustained a minor cut on his left palm.  While all this was happening, the restaurant workers were too startled to do anything.  His family members realized what happened to him only after he made his escape. The robbers rushed to their car which was on standby not far from En. R**’s car and made their exit to the highway.  They got away with his laptop and wallet.  En. R** informed his brother who is a police man and the police on patrol came about 10 minutes later for further investigation. He was rushed to the emergency unit of KL General Hospital due to bleeding on his cut. 

The lessons that we could learned from this incident are:
  • Do not use your laptop in a crowded public area especially when you are alone with valuable belongings.
  • Observe the surrounding before you park your car. Do not park if there are suspicious drivers next to your car.
G*** Committee


Anonymous said...

adoi seram nye dengar..
kena berhati2 la seme

yatie chomeyl said...

scary...honestly, i rasa msia tak seselamat macam yang di war-warkan kat dalam paper dan berita tu.

Sheherazade said...

semoga kita sentiasa dilindungiNya...Amin

emas pon xblh pakai,tarik perhatian perompak

sekarang gadjet pon same ;(

me suya said...

menakutkan.. that why me suka lagi lepak di mall.. hahaha.. xsuka singgah tepi jalan sbb takutttt

Sidratul Muntaha said...

lately mmg mcm berat ati nak keluar jln2
mudah2han kita semua selamat dlm lindungan Allah.

nad said...

kat mana2 pun dah tk selamat dah
tq kak share menda ni
kene lebih berhati2 pasni

bunga_rose said...


biasa kalau makan kat tepi2 jalan memang husband yang pegang handbag.. takut kena curi

transformed housewife said...

mcm2 kejadian yg menakutkan. rasa mcm mmg Msia tak selamat sgt dah. huhu



ogyep yummy mellow said...

really scary kan... kena really take care of ourselves... awasss ya kawan2...


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