Monday 7 November 2011

Lecturer UIA menang Inspira | belum rezeki MZ nampaknya

me join tapi tak menang--lucky draw based ajer tu--me antar 5 entries (giller byk beli stok dynamo heheh--memang me guna dynamo pun ;)

result kat the star online

A LECTURER in Gombak and a teacher in Kuantan, who were both thinking of getting a new car to meet their families’ growing needs, turned out to be the lucky winners of the Giant P&G Jom Balik Kampung Merdeka Raya Contest 2011.

Twenty-seven-year-old Mior Razali Abdullah Sani, the grand prize winner drove home a Proton Inspira CVT worth RM78,000 while Surina Sidek won the first prize of a Proton Persona 1.6 (Manual) worth RM58,000.
Mior, an Industrial Design lecturer at UIAM in Gombak, said it was a timely win for him and his family as they were just about to purchase another car.
Dream come true: The Happy winners of the contest holding up their mock car keys.
“My wife, a designer, has just been transferred to Putrajaya so we were planning to buy another car so that she can drive herself to work,” said Mior.

Surina, who has five children, and is a regular participant in contests, said it was her first big win.
A primary school teacher based in Kuantan, Surina and her family own a Kancil and a Naza Ria.
“We are really happy. We were just thinking that the Kancil was a little too small for us! This is such a wonderful surprise for us all,” said the 40-year-old.

The second prize of an Apple iMac computer worth RM5,000 went to Abu Bakar Mustafa while the third prize, a 560L fridge worth RM3,000 went to Choo Tiang Ang.
Ten others won the consolation prize of an OSIM uMOMI massager worth RM500 each.
The contest, which ran from July 15 to Sept 8, offered prizes worth a total of RM149,000.

The winners received their prizes from GCH Retail (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, marketing director Ho Mun Hao and P& G external affairs leader (Malaysia and Singapore) Zulhaimi Abdul Hamid at a simple prize presentation ceremony in Giant Hypermarket Kota Damansara.

Ho, the spokesperson for Giant, said the feedback from customers showed that contests such as Giant P&G Jom Balik Kampung Merdeka Raya always made shopping at Giant more exciting; and added to the festive spirit.

“It also allows us to work with our business partners to reward brand loyal customers and to add new elements of fun to their shopping experience, during the Hari Raya and Merdeka season,” he added.
The contest was open to customers who spent a minimum of RM25 on a single receipt on any P&G products including brands like Pantene, Oral-B, Gillette, Dynamo, Fab, Downy and Olay, count the number of Jalur Gemilang in the contest form and answer three simple questions correctly.

note : moga2 one day MZ boleh menang kereta..amiin


Ezna Khalili said...

wow menang kereta!!!! me pon nak menang kereta jugak

Unknown said...


tiefazatie said...

wow!menang keta based on lucky draw??mmg bertuah gle nie..best2..hee

Anonymous said...

insyallah lepas ni mesti ada rezeki mz
orang yg berusaha mesti ada ganjaran nye kan

Chekgu Azrine said...

giler besh.. rezki memasing.. teringin gak.. hehehe

Wansteddy Tales said...

Mior tu suami opismate wan. dia kira newbie comper. tp selalu menang besh2. dpt ipad2 la etc. yg ni dpt kereta! wa... wan sndiri xsangka, kagum pun ada.


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